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Core i5 laptop price in Pakistan

Core i5 laptop price in Pakistan

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a laptop is the CPU. The Intel Core i5 CPU has been more well-liked by customers due to its excellent performance and affordable pricing. Laptops with Core i5 processors range in price in Pakistan based on the manufacturer and model. Since there are so many options available, it’s crucial to shop about and compare prices to find the best deal.

However, Core i7 and i9 CPUs are also available if you want even greater power and effectiveness. These CPUs are ideal for demanding tasks like video editing, gaming, and heavy multitasking. They are more costly than Core i5 laptops.  Before making a buying choice, it’s critical to assess your demands because not everyone will need a high-end CPU.

It is important to note that newer CPU generations perform better than their forerunners. The 4th generation of Core i5 laptops offers better performance and energy efficiency than the preceding versions. Therefore, it would be wise to consider switching to newer models if you want the finest performance and the longest battery life.

The eighth and tenth generations are currently the most prevalent ones available. In comparison to earlier generations, the most recent often delivers increased power efficiency and greater overall performance. Additionally, check to see that the laptop you choose has enough storage (256GB SSD) and memory (at least 8GB RAM) for efficient operation.

Finding a reasonable alternative that meets your demands requires investigation into Intel core i5 laptop price in Pakistan or any other nation, but you shouldn’t ignore newer generations or more sophisticated CPUs like core i7 or core i9 depending on your needs.

Top-rated core i5 gaming laptops

Some of the top-rated core i5 gaming laptops are the HP 820 g3, HP 820 g4, HP 840 g3, HP 840 g5, Lenovo t460s, Lenovo t470s, HP 830 g5, HP 830 g6, HP 840 g5, HP 840 g6, Dell 5400, and Dell 7480. These laptops include powerful core i5 CPUs, making them excellent for gamers who want a seamless gaming experience. These laptops are highly recommended for any ardent gamer wishing to update their gaming setup due to their excellent ratings and favorable reviews.


Intel Core i5 Laptop Benefits


  • Performance

The optimized power consumption of laptops with Intel Core i5 CPUs is one of its primary benefits. Battery life is extended without sacrificing performance since these CPUs are made to use as little power as possible.


  • Power Efficiency

One of its main advantages is the optimized power consumption of laptops with Intel Core i5 CPUs. Since these CPUs are designed to consume as little power as possible, battery life is increased without compromising performance.


  • Graphics Performance

Intel Core i5 laptops are equipped with integrated graphics capabilities that deliver satisfactory graphics performance. This is ideal for everyday use, light gaming, and watching videos without requiring a dedicated graphics card


  • Affordability

Intel Core i5 laptops strike a balance between performance and cost. They are affordable and provide significant computational power, making them available to a wider audience.


  • Versatility

These laptops are adaptable and suitable for a variety of purposes, including surfing, creating content, office work, and even light gaming. They are appropriate for both experts and general users due to their flexibility.


Top Core i5 Laptop Brands

There are several manufacturers of Core i5 laptops in Pakistan, each with its own features and capabilities. Below is a list of some of the top names to take into account:

Dell: Core i5-powered Dell laptops are recognized for their dependability and toughness. They are a popular option in Pakistan because of how well-liked and durable their laptops are there.

HP: HP provides a wide selection of Core i5 laptops to accommodate various consumer preferences.  From sleek and stylish designs to robust performance, HP laptops have a strong presence in the Pakistani market.

Lenovo: The Core i5 laptops from Lenovo are renowned for their dependability and long battery life. They provide a selection of models appropriate for both private and business use.

Acer: Acer offers several Core i5 laptops at affordable prices. Their laptops frequently have cutting-edge designs and high-definition screens, making them an alluring option for many customers.

Asus: Core i5-powered Asus laptops are appreciated for their gaming skills and cutting-edge designs.

MSI: The brand offers a range of gaming laptops in Pakistan that cater to avid gamers. MSI is a name synonymous with gaming laptops. Their Core i5-powered laptops are sought after for their robust graphics and gaming performance, attracting a significant gaming community in Pakistan.

Huawei: Huawei’s Core i5 laptops combine sleek designs with powerful performance. These laptops are gaining popularity for their efficient processing and modern aesthetics.

Apple: Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro series, powered by Core i5 processors, offer exceptional performance, sleek design, and seamless integration of macOS, making them a coveted choice in Pakistan.


Unlock your productivity potential with the Core i5 laptop 1gen 16k!

The Core i5 laptops are a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a dependable laptop with a strong CPU. At a cost of under 14,000, they provide exceptional performance using their first-generation technology. Core i5 laptops are affordable in Pakistan as well, enabling a variety of people to purchase them.

There are variants like the i7 and i9 CPUs available at higher price ranges for individuals who need even better performance. However, the Core i5 CPU is absolutely something to think about if you’re on a tight budget but still need excellent processing capability.


The ultimate Intel Core i5 laptop 2rd Gen 18k that will blow your mind!

A Core i5 laptop from the 2nd Gen costs around 16,000 rupees. Performance and cost are expertly balanced in this Intel Core i5 laptop. Core i5 laptop price in Pakistan varies depending on the brand and model. However, the majority of customers think it is reasonably priced.

Consider upgrading to a more potent i7 or i9 CPU if you want even more performance. A core i5 CPU is an appealing option for individuals seeking respectable performance without breaking the bank because its pricing is affordable.


Meet the Budget Beast: Core i5 Laptop 3rd Gen 21k Rupees!

In Pakistan, a Core i5 laptop from the 3rd Gen costs about 19,000 rupees. This is a more affordable option when compared to more costly CPUs like the i7 and i9. The Core i5 CPU strikes a good mix between performance and cost.

There are additional laptops available with the i7 CPU, particularly from the 4th generation, for individuals who want more power. However, the Core i5 laptops are still a fantastic option if price is a factor.


Multitasking Made Easy: Core i5 laptop 4gen 26k

I recently purchased a Core i5 laptop, specifically the 4th generation model, for just 25k. This laptop provides me with powerful performance and efficient multitasking capabilities. The Core i5 processor ensures smooth and seamless operations while handling various tasks simultaneously.

This laptop provides excellent value for the money thanks to its cutting-edge features and dependable performance. Since it fits all of my computer demands without breaking the money, I am quite happy with my purchase.


Get your hands on the unbeatable Core i5 laptop 32k!

The Core i5 laptop, boasting a 5th generation processor, is available at an affordable price of 28k. Users may smoothly multitask and run demanding programs without experiencing any latency because of the powerful device’s speedy and effective performance.

The cutting-edge technology and processing power of the Core i5 laptop offer a smooth user experience for both work and play. Whether you’re a student, professional, or just someone who enjoys gaming or watching movies, this laptop is a solid alternative that provides exceptional performance at an inexpensive price.

Discover the Ultimate Powerhouse: Core i5 Laptop 6th Gen 38k!

Core i5 laptop price in Pakistan from the 6th generation is around 36k. The Intel Core i5 laptop price varies depending on the specific model and features. Laptops with Core i5 processors are renowned for their effective operation and low price.

In contrast, higher-end CPUs like the i7 and i9 cost more typically because of their superior capabilities. However, a CPU might be a good option if you’re searching for a mix between performance and price.


In Pakistan, Buy Core i5 laptops online

You need look no further than if you want to purchase Core i5 laptops online in Pakistan. They provide a large selection of Core i5 laptops available at affordable costs. There are solutions available to meet every requirement and price range, whether you need a laptop for business, gaming, or casual usage.

Your ideal laptop is only a few clicks away thanks to its user-friendly website and safe payment methods. Don’t miss out on the convenience and reliability of online shopping at


FAQs about Intel Processors

Are Core i5 laptops suitable for gaming Core?

i5 laptops can handle moderate gaming, but for high-end gaming, it’s advisable to opt for a Core i7 or i9 processor.

Are laptops suitable for gaming?

Yes, many Core i5 laptops provide satisfactory performance for gaming, especially those with dedicated graphics.

How much more expensive is a Core i5 from the fourth generation compared to the most recent iteration?

Generally, older generations like the 4th generation Core i5 are priced lower than the latest generations due to advancements in technology.

What aspects should I consider while purchasing a Core i5 laptop?

Consider RAM, storage, graphics, display quality, and brand reputation when buying a Core i5 laptop.


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